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  • WANG Xiaoming | A Manifesto for Cultural Studies

    In the winter of 1927 Lu Xun wrote: China is on the brink of a momentous era But that does not necessarily mean a time that will give life It could also bring death, In terms Lu Xun used later, this was an era akin to the critical period in medicine, when death or recovery are in the balance One would scarcely have thought that, seventy years later, this was still the most accurate description of contemporary life Since Lu Xun, people have so often believed that China was on a new path, leaving behind the uncanny sensations of upheaval, collapse, an inscrutable future


  • WANG Xiaoming | The Research on “New Leading Ideology”

    A great Change has been taking place in the mainland China, especially the cities and the southeast area, since the end of 1980s It s very clear that today s mainland China, in almost every aspect, is very different from what it was before Not only the economics and culture but also the politics: the composition of the ruling group, the political roots of the ruling, the basic way in which the government controls the society and, very important, the state ideology -- all of these are deeply changed


  • WANG Xiaoming | The Myth of “Chen Gong Ren Shi”

    The change of the state ideology has been evident since the middle of 1980s: now it offers, to the public, the promise of being rich instead of the call of revolution The “Reform towards Market Economy” is pushing mainland China into a new social formation: an mixture of centralized, and totalitarian, political system and capitalistic economy Also since the middle of 1980s, under the guidance of the official policy of “Let some ones rich first”, has been growing, especially in the cities, an new social stratum – someone called it “New Citizens”