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Frequently Asked Questions  (Last Update: Nov. 15, 2017)

Q: How much should I pay for Crossroads 2018?
You will be charged according to the GDP per capita of the country/economy where your affiliated institution is located, or the passport you are holding if you are an independent scholar. More details can be found in Register. You will be charged fewer if you are an early bird and/or ACS member.

Q: Are traveling or accommodation fee included in the registration fee?
Sorry, all traveling and accommodation fees are on your own. We strongly recommend you to apply for subsidies from your institutions.

Q: How many participants are preferred in the panel?
The duration of each panel is 90 minutes with the optimal number of presentations of 4. Panel proposals including 1 nominated chair, 3 paper presenters and discussants are welcomed. It is also acceptable if the presentation time is adjusted to 90 minutes for a 4-paper panel.

Q: Can I submit individual paper proposal?
Yes, but it’s not recommended. It is preferable to submit pre-organized panel proposals by participants from different country/institutions.

Q: How should I submit my proposal to the conference?
The Easychair system is used for proposal submission. It is necessary to create an account if you have never used Easychair before.

Submit your proposal here.
For Conference:
For Pre-conference:

More details can be found in Submission Guidelines. Please note that pre-organized panel proposals are preferred in both conference and pre-conference, and 24:00, Dec.20th, 2017 (Beijing Time) is the deadline of submission.

Q: Are there any ways to contact other potential participants to organize panels?
A unique online bulletin board called "People's Park" has been made accessible for potential participants to show their research interests and/or tentative topics. You can email the organizers ( with the subject line "People's Park" before Dec.10th, 2017 if you want to try this approach. A Microsoft Word attachment file (doc, docx) including the topic and introduction of the potential panel, and personal information such as an email address and research interests will be also needed.

Q: Are there any guidelines for submissions?
You can check the Submission Guidelines page and the submission samples might also be helpful. Please attach detailed proposals to your submissions in Easychair. For panel proposals, a panel abstract within 150 words and related paper abstracts within 150 words are needed. For individual paper proposals, the maximum word count is 300 (but 150 words in Easychair due to the system configuration).

Q: Dear Crossroads/ACS, I note that we are strongly advised NOT to submit individual papers at all, but only full session proposals. I have no full panel or session to propose, but I am now in great doubt whether to invest the time and energy to propose a paper under such unfavourable conditions.
We accept both individual paper proposals and panel proposals .Though panels are more preferable, but they both have good chance to be accepted.
Also again ,a unique online bulletin board called "People's Park" has been made accessible.Participants who need to organize panels are encouraged to find their panel partners with this approach.